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Monday, July 16, 2012

"But, I don't shoot weddings"

A few months ago I received a telephone call from a young man in New Haven who was looking for a photographer to shoot his wedding. He's a teacher & his fiancee is an architect, working at a well-known architectural firm. I'm not a wedding photographer and I haven't shot a wedding since I was in my twenties.

Here is how the discussion went:

groom: "My fiancee and I are looking for a wedding photographer."

jw: "Ok. I can give you the names of a few photographers that I am comfortable recommending."

groom: "No. We want you to photograph our wedding."

jw: "Hmm. How did you find me? Did you really look at my website?"

groom: "We did a search for 'photographers in CT', and we looked at a the websites of few photographers; we like your work."

jw: "I'm flattered, but I don't shoot weddings."

groom: "We know-that's why we want you"

jw: Hmm.
"Thanks, but let me think about this. In the meantime, I'll send you links to a few different wedding photographers. If you get in trouble, and can't  find one who is not busy that day, then call me back."

groom: "ok."

Six weeks later, I got another telephone call from the groom:

groom: "We still want you to photograph our wedding."

jw: " Really?! Let's meet for coffee. Can you come to Guilford?"

So we met.
A very nice couple. Both of them are obviously smart, and creative. He's also very interested in photography.

To make a long story short, since work has been slow, and they agreed to my price, I agreed to shoot their wedding.

It was a very hot, but beautiful wedding day, and for a good part of that day and evening, I photographed their beautiful & fun wedding.

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