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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Forever is a long time....

During recent negotiations for the usage of one of my images in a prominent travel magazine by a well-known publisher,  I made changes to the all-encompassing/one-sided contract which was presented to me. Basically, the unaltered contract stated that the publisher could use the image in any way shape or form, and that they could authorize anyone else to use the image-FOREVER!
Ultimately the changes were accepted and I licensed the image for what I felt was a fair licensing fee.
Because of the changes to the contract, in the past year, I have licensed the same image to the Chinese, Korean, Italian and Russian versions of the same magazine for more than $2500, and I'm waiting to hear back from the Brazilian edition.

Moral of the story? Stand up for terms & conditions which are fair to both parties.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What is a "Corporate Image Collection"?

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When people ask me about the kind of photography that I produce, I tell them that for over twenty-five years I have been making photographs of people, places & things, mostly for corporations and sometimes that entails the creation of what I call, "Corporate Image Collections".
Basically, a "Corporate Image Collection" is collection/library of images for a specific client, showcasing relevant people, places & things. The client has the right to use the images as they like (yes, they pay well for this option). In some cases there is a transfer of copyright, but I've never been asked to do this. Retaining the copyright allows me to use the images for promotional purposes-such as on my website & mailings. Just to be clear, I would never use the images for stock.

For example, the image above of a young girl & her father in Bangalore India was one of the thousands of images which were made a few years ago as part of a huge project for the pharmaceutical giant, Novartis. The project took over fourteen months and we traveled to England, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India, photographing actual patients and street-casting "real people" as models. Using "real people" saves considerable time and money, but working with non-professionals can be great fun and a challenge. The models were paid for about 30 minutes of their time and model releases were obtained.

Another more industrial "Corporate Image Collection" was created for APMT/Maersk, the largest shipping company in the world. We were commissioned to create a collection of images of worker portraits & the port activity at six of their ports and terminals around the U.S. The project involved spending a few days at each location photographing from the tops of cranes, on board massive container ships, and driving around the terminals, photographing stack after stack of colorful containers. And yes, it was as fun as it sounds!

Why was I chosen for the Novartis Project?
I'll explain in a future post.
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