Jake Wyman, Photographer

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little snow in Guilford

I have some friends who are members of the First Congregational Church, which sits on the Green here in Guilford. Last year I asked for and received permission to climb the scaffolding which was erected to repair the top of the steeple, and after going to the top and photographing with Barbara & Larry, two friendly and helpful Board Members from the church, we climbed down and parted ways.
After they were out of sight, and I was packing up my equipment, a Guilford police officer showed up and demanded to know who I was and what was I doing on the steeple. And, a few minutes later another police car arrived.  Eventually it was cleared up when they contacted "church people", and I was allowed to leave. Whew!

This morning, while walking across the Green after a meeting with a colleague, I thought that perhaps there might be an image or two from the same steeple, during the snowstorm. I walked over to Barbara's house, to see if it was possible. She made some calls, got permission and we arranged to rendezvous around noon.

Here are few of the resulting images:

Guilford Green, from the steeple

The frosted bell in the steeple 

The steeple from the Guilford Green

Check back, as I may and try to get back up there tomorrow, after the storm has cleared.


  1. Great shots. Love the red on white. Did you get a model release?


  2. Hi Jake,

    My name is nicole and i'm the interactive editor for the Guilford Courier and Shore Publishing. I love your snow photos. We are looking for snow day photos to be submitted on our website Zip06.com. We'd love to have you contribute. You can visit Zip06.com and click on Guilford on the map and look for the submit your snowday photos graphic, if you'd like to contribute. You can also blog and add video if you like.
    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.