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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recent Aerial Work

Over the years, I've done quite a bit of aerial photography work from helicopters. And not only have I flown in many locations in the U.S., but I've been fortunate to have shot from helicopters in New Zealand (Doubtful Sound), and French Polynesia (Nuku Hiva in The Marquesa's), as well.
In early December, I had the opportunity to fly with AirOcean Aviation in Yalesville, CT. A friend invited me along for a half-day flight over Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, checking for Pileated Woodpecker damage to the wooden transmission towers. The wooden structures are then replaced with metal towers when they are deemed to be compromised by the damage that these large birds have done. In the coming weeks, I'll be photographing this dangerous work from the ground.

Below are two bird's-eye views of the work involved in replacing the transmission towers:
© Jake Wyman

© Jake Wyman
While we were flying to and from the heliport to the transmission lines, I was able to get a few images for myself and for my portfolio.

The following images of a single tobacco barn in Somers, CT., and a remote farm in Northfield, MA., can be found in the "Solitude" gallery on my website.

© Jake wyman

Flying directly over an international airport in a helicopter might not seem like the safest place to fly, but I'm told that, in fact, it is one of the safest places to fly. The image below was made as we were flying over Bradley International Airport, on our way back to the heliport.

© Jake Wyman
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