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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Winter in Acadia" has been updated

I've just updated my website with new images from my ongoing project to document Acadia National Park, during and after winter storms.

It's hard to explain the awe & respect that I feel when I'm watching & photographing the angry, roiling ocean from a snowy, rocky ledge in Acadia National Park during a blizzard. 

It took four years of trying to make it happen, but I was finally able to get on top of Cadillac Mt. to shoot sunrise. This was one of the essential images, as the summit of Cadillac is the first place in the US where the sunshine hits at sunrise. The 3.5 mile road road to the top is closed in the winter, so I had two options: start snowshoeing through new snow (i.e. deep!) at 3 am, with a camera backpack, tripod and other essentials; or I could try and find someone with a snowmobile. It took a year or two, but I finally found a local guy named "Nick" who I have hired a few times to take me and my gear to the top.

Hopefully the images on my website will show the energy & drama during the storm & the quiet stillness after the storm departs.

Your comments are welcomed.

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  1. I love these. I can hear the quiet of the forest and feel the cold snap of the waves. Winter is such a good season to photograph. Well done.