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Friday, March 18, 2011

Flexibility on location

Being flexible is something that I learned many years ago, and I was reminded of this with a recent assignment.
A magazine for doctors had located me on the Find A Photographer (FAP) feature of  ASMP , and they wanted me to shoot a portrait of a young physician at Yale University Hospital. The thrust of the article was about "environmentally responsible initiatives in medical practices".
With the subject-a very nice doctor who I'll call Dr. "S",  I scouted locations at the hospital about a week before the shoot, and we found a few areas that would work. Not great, but ok, given the parameters. his year has been quite snowy & cold, so shooting inside was our only viable option.
On the afternoon of the shoot, I arrived early to make sure that I had enough time to meet with the very helpful Media Relations person at the Hospital, whose name is Mark. At some point in our conversation before the subject arrived, he mentioned another area of the hospital, with "great light".
We had time to spare, so off we went. Mark was right, and our timing would be perfect for the time of day, so we contacted Susan to let her know about the new location.

Naturally diffused sunlight was complimented with a bit of fill light from a single Dynalight head & a soft bank. Some of the greenery was there & I borrowed the plant that Susan held in some of the images.
The happy client chose the image above.

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